Sisters Fellowship International has over the years been committed to the all-round development of all her members; Spiritual, physical, mental, psychological, intellectual, economical e.t.c.

YOUTH CAN COOK is one of the many programs that SFI uses to purposefully engage her Young Girls. Youth can Cook is a program specially designed to promote the Cooking culture among Young people, to spur the zeal to explore the world of Recipes, to train them to become great Chefs who can feed properly and nutritively, their immediate families and others if gainfully engaged in outdoor cooking. Cooking is an age-long tradition that is passed on from one generation to another. What we eat largely depends on what we can find around us no wonder why there is a great distinction between the typical Nigerian Cuisine and American Cuisine.

Our Overall Wellness and wholeness are largely dependent on what we eat, how we eat and when we eat. Our Youth can Cook Program features detailed theoretical classes on both Continental and intercontinental Dishes, Local dishes, Pastries, Smoothies, Chops, Finger Foods e.t.c. However, we don’t just stop at the theory, we engage in Practicals of all the Dishes handled in the Theory Class. SFI is committed to raising the next generation of Wives and Mothers who are excellently loaded with all that a man will ever desire to have in a Wife.

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