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We are the young daughters of SFI. An arm set out for the youths and teens of the ministry. We are the future generation of SFI, the Shining Stars, Trail Blazers, World Changers of our generation, the Champions and Winners of our time, the Motivators and Soul Winners for Christ, the pride of our families, Today,

we are known as the SFI young daughters forum {SFIYDF}. By the grace of God our mother and mentor has commissioned us to go and change our world for good. Every young girl from teen to youth can be a member of this great arm of the ministry of SFI.

  1. Encouraging youths to be more purpose driven by identifying their reason for existence, or their sense of purpose. This will enable them ensure that everything that is done works towards the fulfilment of their mission or purpose
  2. Motivating youth’s especially young daughters to live for Christ; nurture them spiritual maturity,      and develop them so that they can win their peers to Christ.
  3. Encouraging youth’s especially young daughters to develop and nurture a relationship with God as    well as engaging them with stories and activities about God through sharing their life stories and inspiring testimonies.
  4. Empowering today’s youth to become tomorrow’s world changers for Christ preaching, teaching and leading young Christians to God inspiring youth to live radically for Jesus.
  5. Affecting the world around us, which include the schools, business areas, our community and environments in general with charitable works
Young Daughters convention (YDF)
Sisters Fellowship International presents her Young Daughters Convention,(YDC) this is Vision Out of God’s mandate on SFI, with more focus on LOVE & APPRECIATION, Rev Nches Iredu Intl president /Founder gives an insight into this packaged of 2017 Youth conference, with the aim of populating heaven and depopulating hell. TAKE A STAND…It’s an experience/an impact in the lives of singles facing challenges of this world.
Take a stand, Is a MEGA MOVE designed to reach out to the youths, A program designed to make the youths of this generation have a stable life and make heaven.
This Conference is scheduled to hold on the 19th- 22nd of October, 2017.
This conference is about ministering to Young women, Girls singles, and new married, with the aim of:
• Leading them to Christ, Showing them the way to the cross where Jesus is the reason for our existence in life.and he loves us more than anything in this world, and would do anything to make us happy if only we can be obedient to his word.
• Teaching and mentoring them.
• Showing and sharing ways to improve their spiritual lives and also how to match their challenges with the scriptures.
• Practically leading them through the word on basic measures which can make them stand their ground no matter the cost nor the price laid in front of them.
This 3-day Conference has been divided into various segments:
• Welcoming /Match pass
• Praise and worship sessions/  hymns
• Preaching/Teaching of the Word/testimonies
• Proper Session/Question & Answer sessions (a time personal deep questions about the realities of the bible are shared, thought, and matters arising in Christendom also how to face the modern day life challenges .
• Musical sections/Christian band groups/ thanksgivings
• Drama/YDF variety night
2017….A year of Word, Advancement and Lifting, TAKE A STAND An experience for an excellence growth
Rev Nches Iredu is one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers. A lover of Christ and the things of God her years of experience and work with God, which lives has being transformed through her various messages, of a practical Christian life, dedicated and committed, determined to see women across the globe living a transparent Christian life, leading on with Christ as her pace setter An author, daily devotional searching for God’s heart beat her books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.Through her ministry sisters fellowship international, which aims at showing the world to live an exemplary life of LOVE and APPRECIATION she teaches on a number of topics with a particular focus on love, appreciation, motives and character building. Her style of communication allows her to share openly deep secrets and practical examples on her experiences so others can apply what she has learned over the years in her work with God.
Nches Iredu
A motivator, mentor and public speaker, Nches Iredu Jnr is the International President of the YOUNG DAUGTHERS FORUM under the ministry of Sisters Fellowship International.
She’s widely regarded as a visionary leader and a bridge-builder. Her burning desire is to see the young ladies in her generation, nation, and continent empowered.

She’s is well known for her clear and practical message of hope, love and empowerment.
She’s a role model to so many young ladies both in Africa and beyond.
Nches Iredu Jnr as a minister, ministers across the nation with over 1000 personalities in attendance, with the aim of raising young ladies that will succeed in their walk with God, relationships, life issues, and to confront their daily pressure in line with the scriptures.

Nches Iredu Jnr, continues to be a blessing to our generation.

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