Technological advancement is on the increase, things are changing fast, everything in life is being updated and upgraded. All the renowned car manufacturing Companies engage in the continuous upgrade, they try to make something better than what they previously have in the market, no wonder the new models/version of the different brands of cars yearly. It’s either they change the interior or the floodlights or the interior or add something extra to the frame of the car. The banking industry is not left out on these changes. Every year, each bank makes new policies and upgrades geared towards effective and easier banking procedures for their customers thereby maximizing their profit.
Samsung, Apple, Techno, Infinix, Nokia and the rest of them; all manufacturers of mobile phone always come up with something new and different to meet up with the rising needs of the modern age and the growing technological world at large. Each company strives to distinguish themselves from the rest so they are not displaced in the market but yet make enough profit to produce more.
If you aspire to make the difference in your generation and impact your world, You have to strive to upgrade and update yourself in every aspect of life. That is Spiritually, physically, financially, mentally, intellectually,skill-wise and otherwise!

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