Thanksgiving is made up of two words. ‘Thanks’, and ‘Giving’. It means to appreciate someone on what he had done while giving, means to add a gift to it. So, we can deduce that thanksgiving simply means to appreciate someone with a gift item. However, in this case, thanksgiving means giving thanks to God in appreciation for the things He had done and the things He is yet to do.

There are three dimensions of thanksgiving.

  • Giving thanks for what God had done previously
  • Giving thanks for what God is doing
  • Giving thanks in anticipation for what God will do

Let’s use David as an example 2 Samuel 6:16. The bible recorded that the moment the ark of covenant landed in the land of the Israelites they began singing and dancing making melody to the extent that David danced and his wrapper fell off from him. He and the children of Israel were so happy that the ark of the covenant came back to the land. They appreciated God.

Another example was that of Jesus Christ when he was about to feed the 5000 men with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, the bible says and Jesus lifted up the food items and gave thanks to God before they began sharing and after they finished sharing they had 12 baskets left. Mathew 14:16-20.

Again, Jesus thanked God in anticipation before the resurrection of Lazarus who had died and was buried for four days. John 11:34-44.

Again, Abraham is another example who thanked the Lord and offered a burnt offering to the Lord has provided a lamb for the sacrifice.

A thanksgiving man is a living man. Any man who is not thankful depreciates.

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