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I had tumour for a long period of time, but acting on the word of the woman of God my healing took place, 11 of my family members gave their lives to Christ as a result of God’s mercies in my life.

I had finical problems, no money to pay bills, take care of my family but acting on the word of the woman of God, the next morning i checked my mails and I saw a cheque from an unknown source that covered all my expenses and as well my bills, The International president/founder gave a prophetic utterance while we were praying; it was concerning a sister who had chest pain for a long time. The sister believed it and the severe pain that she felt in her body left her instantly.


We thank God for his faithfulness, mercies, grace and love upon us.
In this year of word in action, breakthrough and champion, we have experienced God’s amazing blessings in our lives, making everything possible within one year.
Area 3 YOUNG DAUGHTERS has breakthrough. In areas of job employment, breakthrough in career, breakthrough in business, breakthrough in marriage, breakthrough in all areas of lives.
We can’t stop thanking God for his faithfulness and love.
Indeed he is a great God
Area 3 Young Daughters

Divine Healing

I received my healing after i was scheduled for mastectomy a surgical procedure to remove fibroid from her uterus, after visit of our international president/founder to Houston an ultrasound was done to confirm the roots of the fibroid as scheduled with the doctor but as God would have it the fibroid couldn’t be found again, Amen

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    Prayer for family peace and comfort. marriage restoration from years and years of adultery. And salvation for all family memmbers

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