The tongue is one of the assumingly insignificant parts of the body that can only be seen when one is talking or opens the mouth at will. Its major function is word articulation and pronunciation. The tongue cannot say anything except the heart produces what is to be said, that is to say, the heart produces words and the mouth is the channel through which the words come forth.
In clear terms, the heart is the central processing unit of all that the mouth utters. The heart produces words when one is still alive according to the mood of such a person be it angry, joyful, irritated etc. One’s mood in itself is determined by environment, thoughts, inspiration and meditations. Having established the connection between the tongue and the heart, it is now very clear that in the journey of taming the tongue; the heart is the principal factor to be dealt with first and foremost. The words that are supplied by the tongue are all manufactured in the heart therefore when the heart is brought under control (tamed) the tongue naturally gets tamed too. If you must tame your tongue, you must fill your heart with good and positive things.
No company supplies damaged goods deliberately and when they mistakenly do them, they grievously apologized and exchange them for sound one. The heart is the company and the tongue remains the distributor and it is expected of the distributor to thoroughly inspect all the goods brought in by the company to ensure that consumers get them intact and not damaged. Surprisingly, some people have gone into the habit of distributing damaged goods that are saying the wrong things only to end up being reprimanded whereas if one will cultivate the habit of thinking issues through before talking, so many calamities, problems and conflicts can be averted.

Listen more, talk less James 1:19
Speak wisely when you have facts and details but when you don’t, keep calm
At times, even when you know what to say, keep silent.
Do not speak against others in order to gain favour from a superior.
Fill your heart with the right thoughts. Romans 12:1
Let your words carry grace, if your heart is not graced, your words will lack grace.
Listen to your inner man where the Holy Spirit bears witness before you talk. Matt10:19-20.

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