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John 16:5-15

Jesus talks about the personality of the HOLY SPIRIT. He said after he has gone out of this world, He will send the Comforter who is the Spirit of truth and He will guide us into all truth. For He will speak not on His

own, but will declare to us what is to come. He will glorify me and will

Take what is mine and declare it.

 Acts 9:20-29

After the conversion of Saul, the Jews who supported him while he was killing the Christians took counsel and plotted against him, but the Apostles who were right there with him took him away. Other believers

Who saw Saul became afraid, Barnabas narrated to them Saul’s encounter on his way to Damascus.

John 10:1-5
Jesus said unto His Disciples, if any one pass through the gate is a Sheep and he who passes through another means is a thief. The sheep hears his
Master’s voice and answers but that of a stranger he answers not.
John 12:1-8
Judas Iscariot made made a statement while Mary was cleaning the feet of Jesus and anointing Him with an ointment, he said that the money used in buying the ointment should have been given to the poor. Jesus said to them that they have the poor always in their midst but he not always be in their midst.

Knowing The God You Serve 2
Numbers 13:25-33
Among the numbers of the people that were sent to the land of Canaan by Moses, it was only Joshua and Caleb who believed that they will be able to conquer and possess the land.

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1 Cor 15:58
Apostle Paul admonishes us in today’s reading that we should be steadfast, unmovable and always excelling in the Lord’s work knowing fully well that your labour in the Lord’s work is not in vain.
Esther 7
Esther found favour before king Ahasuerus, her life and that of her people’s life were spared while Haman who plotted against Modecai and the Jews was hanged on the gallow he prepared for Modecai.
1 Samuel 17:32-37
David was not moved nor carried away by the size or structure of  the philistine warrior (goliath) before him but was focused on his believe that  the LORD  who rescued him from the paw of Lion and paw of bear will definitely rescue him from the hand of this giant before him.
Hebrew 9:27-28
It is certain that we shall not leave on earth forever and after a man’s death, comes the judgment. Those who seek Christ whole heartedly unto salvation shall HE appear to the second time.

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