Praise means to sing, to tell off, to give or to confess. It is an outward expression not just to God only but for others around you to know that you are expressing your joy and gratitude to God. Praise also is what we offer unto God in acknowledgement of his excellent being. We offer it to God as a supernatural being that we cannot understand. God is unfathomable, unimaginable and incomprehensible yet very reliable and everything you can think of. It also means to glorify and to give Him recognition that He deserves. It is a joyful thanking. This is to say there must be joy in praise. When you are praising and there is no gratitude it shows on your body language. It is adoration to God. It is also the celebration of God’s goodness. We must praise God for everything, for everything He created depicts how loving He is.

In this year 2020, it has been very challenging, since the corona virus pandemic. It was really a hard time because so many people lost their lives, some lost jobs, there was shortage of food but in all God still kept us alive. This is one of the many reasons we need to praise God for being the creator of the universe. We also need to praise God for our lives because it could have been any of us here.

All the things He created have their different needs and time to function. None of them interferes with the other. The moon shines at its own time likewise the sun and stars. Everything works together for good and everything happens for good.

This was one of the reasons why this program came at this point in time, members of SFI both those online and offline appreciated God in very a very unique way. The SFI online media crew were not left out; in their colorful out-fit, they took the stage in an electrifying rendition and dance of praise.

Furthermore, there were a lot of varieties. The drama crew showcased in their short playlet the importance of praises and what it looks like when we praise God here on earth. How the King gets delighted because He inhabits the praises of his people. It was also a beautiful and colorful moments of joy when the daughters of SFI in their different groups praised God in different languages and tribes in their different attires which described the tribe they represented in each group. It was indeed an amazing time in the presence of God.

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