Praising God with thanksgiving is one of the ways to give the devil an irrecoverable punch. It is a way to draw God’s attention into your situation because it is one that is irresistible to God. This is because when you praise God with thanksgiving, it breaks iron bars and chains. It excavates things that have died and are buried to come alive again. It becomes a lubricant that lubricates rusty things and causes them to shine again. It is the best form of showing appreciation to God that He cannot look away from.

During this program, some members of SFI through our international president Rev. Mrs. Nches Iredu were blessed with some gift items. Some received financial supports, some food items while some others got some material items like clothes. Also, everyone in the auditorium got a very special package, nobody was left out.

Similarly, SFI, is a commission whose watch word is love in action. And this has been her driving force because just like the bible says that the oil ran from Aaron beards to the helm of his garment. In like manner the love shared and experienced in SFI, is traceable from the international president. This could be seen in the way everyone member cares for the other sharing gifts and looking out for the interest of one another. Indeed, it is a home bound with love.

In conclusion, this is a place where every woman should be. It is a family of love. It is a place where as a woman you can have the best training on how to discover, become the woman God wants you to be and fulfill your purpose. Sisters’ fellowship International is a home were godly women are being raised. You could make up your mind to be a member. You can also send your daughters to become members as we also have an arm for young daughters. It is a decision you will never regret.

God bless you.

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