Welcome to the Sisters’ Fellowship International Hotspot (Uninterrupted internet access). We are glad to have you in this year’s convention and we wish you the very best for this program.

Part of our commitment to this year’s convention is to provide the best experience of a 24/7hours unlimited access to the internet at a very affordable price. The SFI Hotspot is designed to give all our subscribers full functional uninterrupted and unlimited internet data access for one day(24hr) with a specified amount of #200.

With the Sisters Fellowship international Hotspot, you’re able to browse the internet, watch YouTube videos and download from the internet using your mobile phone, tablet or a personal computer device.

SFI-Hotspot Coverage
The Sisters Fellowship International Internet Hotspot is accessible only within the camp premises, but to enjoy high-speed internet, we recommend accessing the internet when you’re in the Mega Zone (Secretariat 1 & 2, Meal Delight, Sharma Hall, Mega Auditorium Car Park) and Praise Guest House.

We wish a happy YDF convention
#Burning for Christ
#YDF Convention 2020

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