What does it mean to have reverence and who should be reverenced?
To revere, someone or something means to regard or highly respect and honour that person or thing. Reverencing God starts from the heart 1 peter 3:15 (NIV 1984) and eventually manifests for all to see. In recent times, many Christians lay emphasis on the love and mercies of God with little or no attention given to his personality and holiness. Having reverence for God means that we acknowledge Him in every area of our lives and we obey whatever He commands both in secret and in the open without questions.
Some people appear before God dressed indecently. Some others approach him in prayers with chewing gums in their mouths. While some others interrupt their prayers to read text messages or respond to chats on WhatsApp. Some interrupt their Bible study time to either receive calls or make calls they feel are important. All these do not show reverence to the Almighty God we say we are praying too and expect to bless us. While praying or studying, concentrate on him who has the power to deliver and transform you. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through his word.
Oh! Beloved, reverence the King of kings, The master of the Universe, The monarch of the universe who’s words can not go without being accomplished. Reverence he who has the power to do and undo, to change and turn things around. He is the ALMIGHTY!
Ponder on this….
Have my services and worship to God been that of reverence and loyalty or of dishonour and disloyalty???

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