Repositioning yourself for God’s blessings means setting yourself aside spiritually and psychologically for God to use you. It means allowing God to control your affairs, allow him to direct you and stay alert so that you don’t miss the opportunities He brings your way to bless you.
For each Individual, there are different areas one have to reposition him/herself. It could be in the area of your desires, your lifestyle, how you view your circumstances/situations e.t.c.
One thing is certain, His thoughts for you according to Jeremiah 29:11 are thoughts of Peace which will definitely bring you to an expected end. Your only obligation is to align your heart and believe God’s Word, follow His leading and your testimony will be guaranteed.
Here Are Some Tips on
How To Reposition Yourself
(1) Be purposeful driven.
(2) Live a life of obedience to God
(3) Fear God and keep his commandments.
(4) listen to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to lead you.
(5) Impact the life of others positively
(6) Forgive people and live in peace with all men.
(7) Trust in the Lord Proverbs 3:4.
Let your focus be on God first and the blessing will come later. Matthew 6:33

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