In the Kingdom of God, Prosperity follows a definite procedure. It does not just happen- it is a process.No matter how much you fast, pray, lament, complain or get angry with God for all your sufferings, nothing will ever get done until you follow the precepts of prosperity as written in the bible.

These principles include;

-Obedience: If you must eat the good in the land you find yourself, you must be willing and obedient.Isaiah 1:19

-Tithing: Tithing is one-tenth of your increase which means ten per cent of your income. Your tithe is a great connector to your blessings. Put food on God’s table through your tithe and attract open heavens.

-The Fear of God: It is the fear of God that will make one obey God to the latter. The fear of God is a very important principle of prosperity.

-Giving: There is no giver that lacks anything. In the midst of scarcity, God will always send help to come. Things you can give include Love, offering, Kindness, service to God, Encouraging words, Material things like clothes……..

-Seed Sowing: This is a seed sown in Faith in anticipation of what you desire God to do for you. When you sow tangible seed, you are building a memorial and creating an avenue for activating your miracle.

(Excerpt from the best seller” PRINCIPLES AND PROCEDURES” by Rev. Mrs Nches Iredu)

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