Let no relationship in this world stop you from obeying God. Oftentimes the cares of this world tend to take our eyes from God. For instance Lot’s wife. The cares of this world took her away from obeying God and she turned to a pillar of salt. In our walk with God, we don’t look back. This was why in spite of her turning to a pillar of salt her family continued their journey.

Let nothing and nobody entice you and make you not to obey God. Because the day God brought you into the earth nobody came with you.

Your walk here on Earth is personal. No wise man who goes to an exam starts waiting for someone. You don’t look back in your walk with God.

One of the problems believers have is that: We don’t keep to instructions.

In the things of God, you don’t look back. Psalms 50:16-17, Genesis 19:26, Sometimes instructions may be hard and difficult but God does not explain somethings to us. Exodus 12: 11-13.

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