Every 4th July of every year is always a memorable one as on that day is the very day the International President and Founder of Sisters’ Fellowship International turns a year older. On this particular celebration it was just celebrated with the eastern executives. During the celebration the young daughters of SFI did a lot of presentations like dancing, recitations, playlet which was a showcasing of who mummy is, typically.

It was a heartwarming event, the women and the young daughters in their presentations described the international Mummy as the woman the Deborah of our time, the woman with the lamp, a prophet in the land, a mentor, life coach and a mother whose interest over the years is to be a place of solace, shelter and succor to her daughters. There were many gifts both cash and kind that was also presented to her.

Similarly, the celebration did not just end on that day with just the Sisters Fellowship International but was extend to Tuesday 7th July as the staff members of SFI who work at the SFI headquarters camp ground took her by surprise and celebrated Mummy in an unusual way with several gifts. It was also a memorable occasion which also prompted the international president to bless them before taking her leave. 

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