Sisters Fellowship International


Daily Reading: Psalm 148 vs. 1-10.
“Praise the Lord from the heavens; Praise Him in the heights.” vs. 1

Welcome to this month of praise in the year of the Word, Advancement and
Lifting. Lift up your hands and sing this song:

I praise you 2x
In my life Lord, I see what you are doing
One more time Lord,
I lift my voice in praise of your Name..2x

God has faithfully brought us to this glorious month. It is a unique month because this month, we shall experience the wonders of praise. This wonderful month of praise, many things about you will be perfected as you lift up your heart in praise in Jesus Name. I have observed that many people find it very difficult to praise God. They do not see the reason they should praise God. Rather, they allow the devil to fill their thoughts with discouragement and thoughts of the problems of this life. They forget about God’s tender love and mercy. They feel things are not working out the way they should, such people are full of disappointments and discouragements. The devil so crowd their minds with bad news that he leaves them with little or no time to think about the goodness of God. At that point, he makes one feel God is so unfair. To them, only those people whom they feel have received God’s favour should praise Him. My beloved reader, it is a lie from the pit of hell. The enemy knows that when you praise God, impossible cases are made possible, mountains are leveled, valleys are filled, problems are solved, healings take place, there is restoration, also there is deliverance.

All these are what the devil does not want us to achieve in life. God is fearful in praises. When you praise God, the devil is in trouble. No wonder he does everything to prevent us from praising God. This month has come as a breakthrough for you. This is because the efficacy of praises is made manifest when you praise God in the midst of hardships, failures, disappointments, sicknesses and sorrows. When it seems there is nothing to praise God, and you take a bold step and praise Him, you will experience God in ways you’ve never done before. This month get ready to praise him, forget about any prayer request, stop complaining, and take up your musical instruments: Tambourines, cymbal, flutes; empty tins and get ready to praise Him. This month, praise Him for whatever is happening to you. Praise him for answered prayers and for unanswered prayers. So wherever you are right now, lift up your hands and sing this song:

Praising the Lord, praise Him
In the Sanctuary praise Him,
In the firmament of His power

PRAYERS: My heavenly Father, I thank you for this wonderful month of praise. Lord, as I praise You, I know that everything concerning me shall be perfected in Jesus Name. Amen.
Further Reading: Psalm 103