Generally speaking, people don’t like keeping instructions especially in certain nations of the world. Keeping to instructions is not a big deal. This problem runs from adult to children. Failure to keep to instructions started from the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the fruit from the tree they were instructed by God not to eat from. This shows that man finds it difficult to keep to instructions.
For example, you will see a write-up, “do not park here” then people will ignore that and still park where they are supposed not to. When they are penalized, they get angry. Just like products come with an instructional manual, God, who is our manufacturer has provided instructional manual (The Bible) for us for better living. He has provided his directions and showed us how to live the right life. The effectiveness of God’s word in your life is directly proportional to how much of it you obey. Unfortunately, keeping to instruction is one of the major problems of man and many people are ignorant of this great evil that has ruined many nations and great men .in Prov 13:18. Not keeping to instructions affects one’s progress, prosperity, breakthrough, and spiritual growth etc. Refusing instructions is indeed detrimental to one’s life. However, when instructions are kept, the reverse is the case, the doors of success and breakthrough shall be opened unto you.
Keep this in mind, some instructions are not necessarily convenient but when obeyed brings one to an expected end

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