Jesus’ wives is a segment of the ministry of SFI. It is basically for women widowed, women whose husbands has gone to be with the Lord. It is a time when these women gather to get refreshed, trained, encouraged and enlightened.

This year’s convention is here, slated to kick of tomorrow 13th November – Sunday 15th November, 2020. And to crown it all, Jesus’ wives would be clocking their tenth-year anniversary since the inception of SFI. It promises to be a huge event and a big celebration as God had been so faithful to these women for these number of years, being their source and provider of their means of livelihood.

The theme of this year’s convention is tagged: EVER FAITHFUL GOD. It would be a time of recounting the faithfulness of God for the past ten years. Ten years of being a single parent with no husband but training their children singlehandedly as the only breadwinner of the household. Indeed, God has been faithful to these women.

Though we live in a time where people compromise their faith for their light affliction, these women chose to stand firm and recount God’s faithfulness. Even though it seems they don’t understand but they still see the faithfulness of God in everything. The book of Psalm 36:5 says; “Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reaches unto the clouds.” These women have seen and enjoyed the faithfulness and mercy of God endlessly.

After this convention, these women are expected to also reach out to other women in this plight and encourage them to join the ministry which would serve as a platform to draw them closer to God. It is expected to bring a lot of exposure and enlightenment to their lives.

At this convention, there would be a lot of illuminating activities such as field events, dance, drama and talk shows from different chapters, areas and zones of the different states in Nigeria. It promises to be a refreshing time of spiritual upliftment to the participants.

SFI, is a unique ministry whose motto is, Love in Action. And this love is seen in every aspect and segment of the ministry. We believe in being our sisters’ keeper. Jesus’ wives convention is another avenue where we pour out this love. God bless you as you come!

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