Jesus Wives Forum is an arm in the Ministry of SFI which was born in the year 2009 out of a decade long passion of our President and Founder Rev. Mrs Nches Iredu to reach out to women of different ages and denominations who lost their husbands to the cold hands of death and are left with children to parent singlehandedly.

The death of a father and husband is about the worse nightmare a woman can survive which has left many feeling lost, overwhelmed and shattered; for some, it breaks them apart and takes away the willpower to live, for others, it makes them completely lose hope and want to end it by all means and for some others, they develop an untold resentment for God believing strongly that He is the cause of their misfortune for allowing such tragedy befall them.

Widowhood leaves a woman shattered, battered, bitter and confused and some who could not get a hold on themselves end up losing it completely mentally, some others resort to all sorts of negative lifestyle in order to meet up with the uphill task of catering for their Children’s needs all alone.

However, the International President of SFI by God’s inspiration created SFI Jesus Wives Forum in order to reach out to women of different ages and cultural origins who are going through the painful ordeal of Widowhood. To that effect, SFI Jesus Wives Forum helps to put Widows on the journey of self-discovery, self-development and most importantly reconnect them to God almighty, their one true Husband, the Father to the fatherless, the defence of the defenceless, The excellency of excellencies who revealed through His word how He loves and deeply cares for the Widow.
No wonder in SFI, we refer to Widows as Jesus Wives in perfect understanding of their place in God’s Agenda.

We organise Conventions and Seminars yearly to be able to reach out to these Women and in these Programs, Our President and Founder share with them the undiluted Word of God reassuring them of God’s unfailing Love which restores hope to those of them who came hopeless but she does not just stop there; she goes further to meet their physical needs, material needs and otherwise as the Lord has helped her.

SFI Jesus Wives Forum is the answer to the cry of many women who lost their husbands in the prime of life who feel that life has nothing good left for them. Jesus Wives Forum is a Home of absolute Love where God’s Love is felt, seen and touched.

More so, Through the instrumentality of SFI Jesus Wives Forum, many homeless Widows have been provided with wonderful apartments, the jobless ones were gainfully engaged and the persecuted ones were vindicated. Sisters Fellowship International is truly the home of love and appreciation.