In this life, many people pray but the question is:
how do they pray?
How long do they pray?
What do they say when they pray?
Some people don’t even pray, they casually bend their head and many people don’t pray long because they don’t know what to say. To some people, their prayers are scattered. They mix-up and jampack everything together. Some even question God or even get offended with God.

Generally speaking, when you want to get access especially a visa to a country, you make enquiries. You must ask questions.
There is a way to get access or make a request; you don’t bulge in on people. No matter what you do, you must observe certain protocols.

Therefore, such applies in the kingdom of God too. There are principles and procedures to do things and do it the right way so as to get the right result. Sometimes, some pray where people will see them exhibiting a lot of gimmicks, that is called eye service because many of them don’t even pray like that in their closets.

Furthermore, when praying it is not right to always keep repeating words. A lot of people keep repeating words and people think that they are actually praying when in actual sense you are blabbing.

When you come to pray you to start worshipping, glorifying, adoring, magnifying and praising His name. the time of prayer is not the time of vain blabbing.

When you come before God, take your time to talk about your father; express your love to him and appreciate his goodness. When your heart is delighted in God, you spend time. God does not expect every time you come to him you are always asking God to forgive you of your sins. God does not except that you start praising Him.

That reason why the is a lot of rancour amongst the people is that the presence of God had not been made manifest in their midst. You need to bring God’s attraction if you really want him to show up. Lavish worship/exhortation and magnification then He would show up.

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