It was an awesome weekend last week when the higher officials of SFI from all works of life gathered at the SFI headquarters mega auditorium in Anambra State after the pandemic for a strategic training on how to move ahead with the mandate of the ministry as it was a long time they had such gathering.

The meeting was to prepare these officials for the next phase of their work to do in the ministry in their different chapters, divisions and areas as the ban has been lifted for services to continue holding.

During the meeting which was tagged: “Standing strong: Standing Right”, the International President, Rev. Mrs. Nches Iredu, took her time to explain what it means to stand strong and right even in the midst of challenges. She taught that only those who know their God will be able to stand strong and do exploit. She challenged these leaders to take heed to themselves and hold on to God and not give up, this is because some of the challenges they face either from their spouses, colleagues and counterparts could be God’s way of training them on how to trust Him to lead them and on how to handle people. Furthermore, I.C Hephzibah in an opportunity to speak to these leaders, also to her time to remind them of the vision and mandate of SFI and what the ministry stands for. In her words, she stated how vital the success of the leader depends on her well they follow their mentor Rev. Mrs. Nches Iredu.

At the end of the program, these higher officials had a lot to take back to their different chapters and areas which would keep the ministry’s flag flying, this take home would equip them and be able to help them handle their current members and as well as new members that would join the ministry.

Moreover, the delegates did not forget to give a special offering to God who had kept and protected them throughout this pandemic. Similarly, some international delegates such as Denton and Denver USA, also called in to connect to the thanksgiving offering as they described that none of the members of the ministry and family members, were caught up nor killed by the virus even though the effect was more over there.

It was an awesome and refreshing time during the meeting as the environment was a calm and peaceful one for spiritual growth and renewal of physical acquaintances amongst them. Finally, Mummy, the International President urged these higher officials to go and win souls for Christ as there is great joy in heaven when one soul is won, and because there is no greater gift to give to God than to win souls.

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