God’s love can’t be measured or qualified. Just like God showed in John 3:16 and in John 15:13. Nobody would have allowed their son to be killed for people and this is why God’s love should be reciprocated and when you really love God, you can go all the way. it would be manifested, reciprocated and must be seen. Love does not hide. If you say you love someone and cannot show it openly, then you have never really loved. Love is demonstrated. Mary, showed her love when she came with the expensive perfume, the alabaster box and poured it on the feet of Jesus. Love is action. It is expressed and not impressed. God’s love is new every day; you can use your money, time and substance because you cannot serve God only with the fruit of your lips. Love is not lip service. Love is commitment. When the love you have for God does not affect your pocket then you have not really loved because love gives and this comes from the heart.


  • They are totally sold out to God without being burdened but devoted and without reservations. If you love God, it is very obvious because you would want to please Him. God is interested in people who chase after Him.
  • Their heart yearns for God as the Psalmist David described in Psalms 63:1. Many people’s heart thirsts after recognition, fashion, accommodation, money. They are after the cares of this life. It’s important what your heart years for.
  • They hate hurting God. They don’t just do anything because everybody else is doing it. People who love God, always want to obey and keep his commandments. They don’t like doing things God does not like or approve. They often deny themselves their rights just to please God. Sometimes for the sake of their love for God, they take tolerate a lot from people whereas some people love their pride and ego more than they love God.
  • They love God’s presence privately and publicly. Some people do eye service. People who love God are dwellers in the secret place.
  • They love studying the word of God. God communicates himself through His word. When you don’t have love, you can’t study. You cannot say you love God and all you can give Him is 10minutes. Love requires intimacy. You cannot understand God when you can’t communicate with Him through his word. People who love God are not pushed into communication with him.
  • They are constrained by their love for God so they mind what they say.
  • They live a life of sacrifice to the honour of God always. They don’t look back when they want to do something for God.
  • They do not have doubt about His love for them whatsoever may be or happen.

People who love God do not take offences or live in unforgiveness.

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