It was an amazing two-day program tagged GOD OF SURPRISES which began on Tuesday 14th July 2020 and ended yesterday Wednesday 15th July 2020 as Mummy, the international president of Sisters Fellowship stood in her prophetic office to declare blessings over all the daughters of the ministry. The anointing was so much and power was made available as she switched into the prophetic and God used her to surprise specific people. As she was ministering, the Holy Spirit led her to ask a sister if there was someone in her group who has been having financial challenges, she said God told her that there was someone who was having such challenge. One Mrs Rose who has been so faithful in the ministry amidst her financial incapacitation was located.

SFI Love in Action

There were several testimonies from the majority of the people that the woman has been very faithful in the ministry and it was her day of remembrance. It was on this note that Mummy asked her to get a new apartment, which she would pay for a year rent and because SFI is a place of love, other members joined Mummy and sowed in money for her to start up a new business while her two children were immediately given scholarships till their senior secondary education. It was an overwhelming experience as tears of joy overtook both the woman and the congregation.

Similarly, the spirit of God led our leader to locate another woman who is a widow and has had no means of livelihood since after her shop was brought down by the government. It was an overwhelming sight when Mummy asked her to look up for another type of business which she would engage in so she could be re-established in business again. The woman of God, also encouraged her with some money, while arrangements for a new source of income is being made.

Furthermore, the international president went ahead and gifted everyone who was present in the program a surprise package of food items and other material things. There were shouts of joy and victory amongst the people.

In conclusion, Mummy admonished everyone to keep holding on to God even as this is the season of surprises and that God will surprise each and everyone. 


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