Since the year 2000, my husband has been denied his due promotion. During the IEC(International Executive council meeting) 2019 our Int’l president, my beloved Mummy Int’l declared that whatever we couldn’t achieve in 19years we will achieve in the year 2019. My husband and I queued into the declaration for His overdue promotion of the past 19yrs; we sowed in Faith and believed OKECHI for a miracle and OKECHI proved Himself. My husband did not just get the long-awaited promotion but he was given double.
You can be a partaker of this double promotion in this year of Double Double if you decide to apply the principle of seed sowing, its still February, the month of Seed Sowing, take a step of faith, decide to prove God yourself by way of seed-faith and your testimony will be the next on this platform. It is WORKING!