Agriculture is a source of livelihood which had been on the low key because a lot of people have not settled in their mind the advantages of farming hence it is largely looked down upon. However, in recent times a lot of things had happened which had brought agriculture glaring in our faces as a means of livelihood and survival. Since the pandemic hit and took the world unawares men started looking at agriculture as a fallback and a last resort to sustain life.
As part of the Sisters’ Fellowship International’s dedication to the welfare of her members during this trying time, SFI has launched a farming initiative to grow and provide crops to members.

Under the leadership of Rev. Mrs Nches Iredu, SFI is aimed at providing her members with healthy and home-grown foodstuff.
SFI will continue her best to serve as a pillar of support, both spiritually and otherwise while we carry on in faith and trust in God who crowns our efforts with success.

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