Sisters' Fellowship International

Sisters’ Fellowship International (SFI) is a ministry grounded in a bond of love that cannot be broken. SFI is dedicated to reflecting God’s heartbeat – His love for humanity. To achieve this on a local and international scale, we facilitate programs and projects that maintain communication with members, offer support to the less privileged, and set up the distribution of food and medical supplies to those who need them.

Young Daughters Forum

The Young Daughters Forum (YDF) is an arm of SFI that offers a holistic approach to fellowship for young women and girls.  While transforming these young souls through the word of God is the primary objective, we also establish expert-level training and skills acquisition programs to ensure that the Young Daughters are empowered both socially, economically and spiritually.

SFI - Jesus Wives

At a time when several people need support, empowerment and care, your gift helps us do that for these women who are often ignored by social institutions and their host communities. Your gift allows us to support women across the world, so thank you for your donations, as well as, your prayers.

Mummy Nches' Vision

Our Founder and International President, Rev Mrs Nches Iredu, holds a great vision: that every woman must be physically, mentally and spiritually empowered in these times.

Giving to SFI helps us remain a beacon of hope to your city, the wheel to true nation development and the light to our world and generations to come.

SFI Kiddies

The utmost priority of SFI Kiddies is nurturing the growth of the young generation. We do not believe that any child is dull or without potential. We believe that each child has the right to life – and a proper life at that.

Searching for God's Heartbeat (SFGHB)

Our daily devotional, Searching for God’s Heartbeat is a vital resource with immense value. However, there are those who do not have access to this material and lack the means to request for it.