A question everyone who knows God will answer. Especially those who claim they are Children of God. Jesus asked Peter in John 21:15. When a question like this, is asked twice just like Jesus asked peter it shows that there is a pointer and that there is something Jesus is driving at.

God wants devoted love from us. He is love personified and he wishes that we love him back. Love involves affections from our heart and friendship for God. It means esteem and value for God and he wants that so much from us his Children. If you put your love on something else, you will not like life. Love is an indispensable command from God. Every other thing we are doing in this life does not matter except loving God. Jesus gave us instruction in Matthew 22:7. Everything about this life comes from the heart God wants our undivided attention. There are things we suffer unnecessarily because we refuse to cast our cares upon things that do not matter. But if we surmount the challenges of life when we put our love and trust in God.

Love constrains us.

Love causes you to go extra mile.

Love spends.

Love does not recognize how far, or how deep, or how long a journey is.

However, where there is no love, things are difficult. Many a time, people love material things more than God. Some people love their spouse so much that they let them take the place of God in their life. To some, it is their parents or their children, or their job. God does not want the things He blessed us with take His place in our life. In Deuteronomy 8:18, He said we must love the Lord our God with all our heart for it is He that gives us the power to get wealth…  some people give money in the church not because they love God but because they want to prove a point to people and some love God out of fear and they do that as an escape route from hell. But when we genuinely love God, we will not be cajoled to do something or be forced to give our offerings or even our time in God’s vineyard working for Him. If you love God, you won’t hurt or hate people, even if you are wrongly accused.

Love does not complain. Most times, there is this sensitive area that we don’t want people to touch. And this causes complain, however, if we love God there is no area that will be difficult for God to touch. People who do not love God usually have itching ears to abide by his commands, for in these present times, the love of many are waxing cold and they do not have patience to endure and receive sound messages again.

We should not allow anything to take God’s position in our lives. Let’s make way and reposition ourselves and give God a platform in our lives. If you really love God, it is wise to mind who advises you. God also excepts us to win souls into the kingdom and there are many ways to win souls. It can be through the internet or through visitations therefore, engage yourself in it, for he that wins soul is wise and such loves God.

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