Kindness: means to feel concerned about someone or bother, protecting or providing.

Care: is the quality of being generous, concerned, considerate, helping others without expecting anything in return…. It is the feeling of empathy.

Love: means to be affectionately concerned for the well-being of others.

Often times, it is easier to show kindness to people you love or know about than the people you don’t know. Luke 6:35.

It is so possible to be nice and not care. Proverbs 26:24. Nice people lack that care of being considerate and helping.

A kind person goes into action not just talking. kind people are actively involved in other people’s affairs as though it is theirs. They put themselves in other people’s shoes. They bear the burden of people but a nice person is just ordinarily nice yet very judgmental. James 2:16.

Characteristics of kind people.

  • They are directly involved, care and are concerned and not passive.
  • They have the heart of God and they bear burden full of compassion and full of the Holy Spirit.
  • They bear one another’s burden without castigating.
  • They are not self-centred.
  • They are always happy about helping others.
  • They speak comforting words to people not talking carelessly or hurtful words.
  • They are very considerate.
  • They are very supportive.
  • They are very encouraging.
  • They are very inspiring.
  • They don’t need any reason to help people, they just help.
  • They visit and follow up and encourage.
  • They are sacrificial.

Kindness is an act of sacrifice!

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