We have a great God in SFI and He is the God of wonders. We call him OKECHI in vernacular because he is indeed a Great and Mighty God. He did for me what no man could do just because I believed in His Prophet, the International President and Founder of SFI Rev. Mrs. Nches Iredu. He frustrated the evil plans of the enemy in my life and saved me from the claws of death.  

One day, I was sitting and resting in my house and suddenly i felt very weak and faint. It felt like I was passing out completely, I mean dying but somehow God helped me and i was able to drive myself to the hospital in that state. It was then that the doctors discovered  i had fibroid and was bleeding inside . Thereafter, I was booked for surgery to remove the Fibroid .Meanwhile, prior to the surgery, I met with The Int’l President  and Founder of SFI ; Our beloved Mummy and told her about the situation of things. Mummy prayed for me and told me not to worry and to the Glory of God, the Surgery was successful. The Fibroid was removed but i  was still bleeding heavily on my inside. The Doctors then placed me on an injection for 5 days to control the bleeding and the pool of blood in my stomach. This situation got me worried because i felt my troubles will end with the surgery. In my confusion and despair, I encountered our Mummy in her house one of the days and she told me explicitly “It is well with you nwam”…I  held unto this phrase because to me that was all i needed for my case to be settled .When I was done discussing with our Mummy, I requested for  some food she might have left over. On getting the food, I joyfully ate in faith, believing God that by eating in Mummy’s house, my story will change for the better. From that day onwards, my healing became Progressive and all the complications disappeared to the glory of God. The great God of SFI is real and very active. I give him all the Glory. Thank you, Jesus for the Great prophet you have given to us, in this generation. May your name be praised.