A young girl told this story; “I went to a party with my friends from school. My friends all had boyfriends but I have never had one let alone staying alone with a boy and I didn’t want to. But at the party, all my friends were dancing and messing around with boys. So, I left the place and went into the garden. Unfortunately for me, a boy secretly followed me into the garden saying he wants to stay alone and before I knew what was happening, he brought out a gun, pointed at me as if telling me to co-operate and in that instant, he reached for my dress and tore it in bits. Right there and then, he raped me in that garden while others were having fun at the party. The music was very loud that people didn’t hear my shouts. At long last, the police came in but it was rather too late; it was horrible; it became a regrettable experience for me that I don’t even wish an enemy want anyone to go through what I went through”.
This was the story of a young girl who joined her friends to go out for a party and ended up being raped.
The quest to belong to the happening class have lured so many young people into committing various crimes and atrocities. In a bid to join the happening class, they join secret cults, make friends with people of questionable character who engage in shady businesses. Some begin to admire and make heroes out of
certain celebrities who have no good record but just their fame, popularity and ill-gotten wealth… they begin to imitate these people and model after them. In the process, they inculcate some characters and attitudes. Some start making dreadlocks, some take up tattoos, some pierce several parts of their bodies. Some start drinking, smoking, keeping girlfriends and sleeping with them in order to satisfy their sexual urge. Some others who do not want to get involved with having an unwanted pregnancy or taking responsibility of babies dabble into homosexuality and lesbianism. Some get into several initiations just to get power and have influence.
The above story is a true-life story. The story is simply telling youths to be careful of who they move out with, this is because your friends can make or mar you. Quickly detach yourself from people whose lifestyles are not worthy of emulation.

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