I have never seen a God as big and powerful as the God of SFI, He calleth those things that be not as though they were, make a way where there is no way and makes everything beautiful in his time. My life is a testimony of His wondrous works and I return all the glory to Him. I joined SFI as a woman with shattered hopes for Motherhood. I got married several years ago and children were not forthcoming. After a while, I and my husband began searching for solutions moving from one hospital to another yet no child came and to worsen the situation, different scan results proved that I can never conceive, based on the conclusive findings of different doctors which stated that my womb is like a ball without a whole. I felt the whole world crumbling on me the first day I heard that and if tears can avert and change situations, mine would have, but then it does not. It even came to a point when it seemed I don’t have the right to talk to any child in our neighbourhood, Whenever I try to correct them when they misbehave, their mothers will always show up to remind me of my childlessness, cajoling me that I didn’t know the pain of childbirth which is why they believe I scold the children. As if that was not enough, one of the mothers living in our compound told me to my face that If I ever take in and give birth, She will give God one million naira. This was not said out of cheer concern but out of a mind that has already concluded that I will never be a mother. I moved on with the pain until one day, a beloved sister I will never forget invited me to SFI. I gave in reluctantly after some persuasion and attended the fellowship. For the first time in years, I felt a kind of peace and acceptance. To me, it was like this is exactly where I belong and coincidentally, it was during Seedfaith preparation that I joined. So after receiving the word and hearing of the many things OKECHI of SFI did for others; how SFI has been a baby factory where barrenness has been judged, my faith was lifted and I asked God what to sow. Eventually, I sowed my Seed believing God that my case will be settled once and for all. Few months after the seed-faith, the unbelievable and humanly impossible happened. I tested positive for pregnancy. It took me virtually the 9 months of pregnancy to actually believe it was real and my baby came out safely to the glory and praise of God. Thank you so much heavenly Father, I will not cease to testify of your mercies!

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